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Girls in BLACK

Just Black : women collection

"Everyhing starts from a dot".

Based on this moto the entire Just Black  colection, that is inspired from architectural forms, was created. You can find triangles, cubes and circles  on the items , or the itrms itself are in forms of  circles, cubes and triangles.. But the mane object is  the circle, the cymbol of absolute, the sybol of black.




You may find geometric forms in every line produced by Just Black - in basic, classic and evening lines, in kids' collection and in accessories.  





JUST BLACK  2017 collection is split to different shades of black- red, blue, yellow and green.



Armenian woman is a warior soul. its' reflection we can see in  the histOry of  Armenian Fidai's, There were many women among them fighting for freedom and for their families. We have reflected  it in our colection in forms of PATRONDASH.

The creation process of  entire collection: looks were sketched first, than illustrated and only after it it captured.

JUST BLACK produces clothing for basic, classic and evening lines.

JUST BLACK also produces clothes for plus size women


Guys in BLACK

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you — don’t bother me.” — Yohji Yamamoto

Mens' collection was created inspired of Armenian Fidayis and their warrior soul. Collection includes casual and classic looks., accessories and basic clothing items.

Who said BLACK does not suit kids?

“I work in three shades of black.” — Rei Kawakubo

Coming soon

Coming soon

Always needed - BLACK accessories

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” — Christian Dior Everyone wants to go with the times, but time changes. And fashion changes as well. And along with the fashion people and their idols.

Hand Made accessories





BLACK - the supposed ‘non-color’ traces back to Neolithic cave paintings – now it is everywhere. For many designers, black is their mainstay: Gareth Pugh, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo all ground their collections in the inky hue. Black is everywhere, but at the same time it is nowhere: We - the Just Black fashion team are positioning us as a clothing brand that produces only black clothing and promotes black as a positive color, which includes all the colors existing in the nature. We are here to show what black is really about, and in a reality is a about different shades of other colors. Just Black provides clothing and accessories for men, women ages 18 -35 and kids as well. with lower prices on exclusive fashion goods than any other similar store in local market. We do this by eliminating overhead, forming strategic partnerships with major fabric importers, and matching any other price on the local and worldwide market.


Just Black is a bridge which not only unites all the colors together, but is also a symbolic color of unified strength of all the Armenian diaspora spread in the world. it unites the past and the future, Diaspora with Armenia, and traditional knowledge with modern technology in the industry of fashion .

The mission of Just Black is:

By promoting BLACK as a positive color and changing the stereotypes of people regarding it through utilization of modern understanding of fashion and international standards.

The vision of Just black is:

We believe that fashion industry representatives of Armenian origin need a platform for networking and cooperation and Just Black is going to provide this opportunity. We are confident that through unity and we can reach our target: Develop Armenian handicraft and cultural heritage, Development of platform for cooperation and networking, Developing and promotion of young Armenian talents, Developing knowledge bank and education in fashion, Revitalization of Armenian handicraft traditions and giving them new life. This will serve the development of the industry of fashion in Armenia and the country in a whole.


  • Gayane Manoukian


    I am a Journalist, filmmaker and fashion producer from Yerevan, Armenia. I have been dreaming of creating a fashion collection in black colors since I was a child. I hope Just Black will become once Panamanian fashion brand ...

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